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    Kate Brockwehl

    Google Review

    Love this neighborhood pharmacy. I feel much more comfortable that they continue masking, and in my experiences with them everyone is always helpful and competent. I happened on Joseph a few years ago when I was hit by a car as a pedestrian, seriously injured, and discharged from hospital on a major holiday without cane, crutches, braces etc. They had such ortho gear in store and delivered, on a holiday morning. I can’t imagine what I would have done otherwise. Chain pharmacies only had such equipment online in nyc and it would have taken at least a couple days after holiday!

      Benjamin Grubner

      Google Review

      I recently discovered this boutique pharmacy on the UWS and was super impressed! The staff, especially Meryl, are sweet, helpful, super knowledgeable, and treat you like a real human being (unlike some of the other big box pharmacies in the area)! Prices are affordable and the place is clean and organized. Would highly recommend switching to anyone who wants personalized care and attention.

        Janice Michaelson

        Google Review

        Best pharmacy: Once I called to have medicine delivered. Store said the delivery person just left. Another delivery would be in 3 hours. I told Joseph Pharmacy how uncomfortable I was. They immediately sent out another person to deliver the medicine to me. Try that with a Duane Reade or a CVS. People there always sincerely helpful. Also, 10% discount at all times for senior citizens.

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